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Business RadioX ® CERTIFIED AFFILIATE Program




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As A Business RadioX ® CERTIFIED AFFILIATE You Are . . .

  • Authorized to Provide BRX Network Services For Your Own Clients
  • Authorized to Host Your Own Show To Benefit Your Existing Business
  • Authorized to Produce BRX Programming
  • Eligible to Earn Money As A Contract BRX Host Or Producer
  • Eligible For Reduced BRX Network Services Fees
  • Eligible To Establish Your Own BRX Studio
  • Eligible for Corporate Studio Privileges
  • Eligible for Network Studio Privileges


calendar_web2Certification Training 2014

June 19-20

July (N/A)

August 14 – 15

September (TBD)


Optional: Establish Your Own BRX Studio Facility.

As a BRX Certified Affiliate, there is No Additional Fee for establishing a Business RadioX ®  Affiliate Studio . . .

We’ll even provide you with a complete BRX Studio Kit @ cost, install it for free, and help you get started with enough Network Service Credit  at your substantially reduced Certified Affiliate rate to provide shows for a full six months — so you can focus on serving your clients and growing your business.


CERTIFIED AFFILIATES  join the Business RadioX ® family because they are Pro-Business and absolutely committed to serving their Market, their Community, and their Profession.

For some, that’s more than enough.

Others capitalize on the Business RadioX ® platform to grow their existing business and set up a new “lifestyle” business for additional income.

Some decide becoming The Media Outlet and Central Networking Hub for the local business community is their new calling — and decide to make it their full time pursuit.


Whatever Your Reasons May Be, Here Are Some “Nuts & Bolts” . . .

Host Joyce-Bone2

1.  You Market and Manage Your Client Shows.

Of course, we’re excited to share with you exactly how we do it — but this probably isn’t your first rodeo.  Surely you have some ideas of your own, and we look forward to learning from you as well.


2.  You Help Your Clients Serve Their Market, Community, And Profession.

We’ll handle the rest.  Our Network Services team is solely dedicated to providing all those pesky pre and post production chores, so you can stay focused on serving your clients and growing your business.


3.  You Determine Your Own Client Fee Structure.

You know your market.  You know your objectives.  You decide.

That said . . . As of this writing, studios in our network typically command between $1,500 and $5,000 / month for a weekly show, depending on scope of services provided.

Your variable costs (the network service fees you pay us) are between $500 and $1,500 / month for each weekly show, depending on scope of services provided.


Now What ?

If you’re interested in learning more, shoot us a note.  We’ll set aside some time to get together and talk it through.

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