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Email Reminder to Publicist of Guest Appearance

The email reminder is designed to be sent within one week of the guest’s appearance on the show. Because you will be scheduling guests well in advance of your show, you want to follow up with them one week prior to participation so that they remember the show specifics. Additionally, emergencies arise and this will give you time to schedule another guest should a scheduling conflict occur.

Hi, [Publicist’s name],

We are so excited to have [guest’s name] on the show this week! This is just a reminder that she is scheduled for [date], [time] Eastern, but please have her call maybe 2-3 minutes early. The number to call is 678-638-6253. The segment should be between 10-15 minutes.

Tell her to feel free to promote her DVD’s, book, web site, and any upcoming events that she may be participating in.

If you have not already done so, please send me a good contact number for him/her – perhaps a cell phone. Occasionally a guest will have difficulty when calling into the studio, so it becomes necessary for us to place the call.

If [guest’s name] is coming into the studio, rather than calling in, please make sure he/she is here PRIOR TO 11:10 AM, as the show will air promptly at 11:30. Also make sure he/she has office phone with him/her in case she needs further directions, or gets stuck in traffic. It is 678-638-6253.

Afterward, I will email you the MP3 for your use. We reserve the right to use the interview for any promotional or financial purpose. You have the same right.