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Email Soliciting a Guest through a Publicist

[Publicist’s name],

I am scheduling guests for {show}. We would love to have [guest’s name] on the show to promote [topic]. We have availability on [Date] at [time] Eastern. The show is live and she can call-in at 678-638-6253, or if she is in Atlanta the date of her appearance, we can have her live in the studio! Does that time and date work for [guest’s name]? The interview will be approximately 10 -15 minutes.

If [guest’s name] is promoting a product, book, or DVD, please send a sample or demo product prior to her appearance so we can fully discuss it. Also include any press release information that may be available. The mailing address is found below.

We are currently booked solid through [month], but if we get a late cancellation for an upcoming show, is [guest’s name] available to come on sooner?

I will send a confirmation email the week of the show, but if a scheduling conflict does arise, please contact me ASAP! We look forward to [guest’s name] appearance!

Thank You,



WGSR-Atlanta c/o [radio show]

1 Glenlake Parkway

Suite 700

Atlanta, Georgia, 30328