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Business Talk 24-7

Show Format


  • Introduce program and objectives
  • Introduce hosts
  • Review of week’s show agenda – topic of the week, guest(s), and all segments presented.


  • Entertain either in the studio or by phone a guest whose credentials/responsibilities will uniquely qualify him/her to discuss the program’s main theme.
  • Guests may include – Experts, client representatives, and/or prospect representatives.

Additional Segments (if time allows):

  • The week in review – National and local events or news items, which occurred during the past week.
  • A media review – Review of books, magazines, websites, or movies that cover the main topic and have helpful information to pass on to the listeners.
  • Local activities – Review and inform listeners of upcoming topic related activities and events in the local listening area.


  • Provide a summary of what we learned today.
  • Thank the guests, contributors, and sponsors.
  • Remind the listeners of the schedule and the theme for next week’s program.