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Show Outline

Following is a sample show outline with time slots. This may be adjusted to fit your personality, needs, and show.

Time count
Opening Theme: 15 seconds

Include announcement of show, shows focus, show sponsors, and hosts

Introduction of Show: 1-3 minutes

Today’s special guest(s) and/or feature

This week’s news (optional): 5-15 seconds 3.5
Directions to website, contact information, or topic submission guidelines: 30-60 seconds 4.5
Sponsor’s commercial: 30 seconds 5.0
Special tip (optional): 1-2 minutes

Tip, myth buster, benefit, or something unique in industry

Special guest: 15-18 minutes 25.0
Weekly trivia (optional): 1-2 minutes

Prizes provided by sponsor

Weekly review of tools/sits/books, etc: 1-2 minutes 29.0
Final thoughts and closing: 1-2 minutes 31.0