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As Featured On MeetingsNet (OAUG Collaborate 2013)

Business RadioX ® has a proven method for filling trade show booths with Decision Makers.

If you haven’t seen a Certified Business RadioX ® host interviewing executives and decision makers in a trade show booth, you will soon. The word is getting out that nothing attracts the right crowd of qualified prospects better than Radio in Your Booth.

Business RadioX ® works in any size booth . . . BUT we are EXCLUSIVE to one booth per show.

Fee Schedule


  • $10,000 / Day with Certified Business RadioX ® Hosts
  • $15,000 / Day with Hosts Lee Kantor and Stone Payton

* Substantially Reduced Fee with pre-paid block purchase of 10 or more Days


Weekly Show Underwriters

  • $7,500 / Day with Certified Business RadioX ® Hosts
  • $5,000 / Day Self-Hosted


Training Pros CEO Steve Kapaun describes Trade Show Life Before and After engaging Business RadioX ® to conduct Live Radio in their booth.

Training Pros CEO Steve Kapaun