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My name is Lee Kantor and I accidentally stumbled upon the power of being an internet radio host in the summer of 2005. That was when I got the opportunity to host the Dr Fitness and the Fat Guy radio show. The original purpose of that show was to position Dr Adam Shafran (Dr Fitness) as a fitness expert. I went along as the smart aleck sidekick (Fat Guy). To our pleasant surprise our show became an internet hit and we starting interviewing best-selling authors, exercise DVD superstars, TV show trainers and fitness celebrities.

Since my background is in advertising, I saw hosting a radio show as a great marketing tool, rather than a form of entertainment. And that shift in thinking changed everything.

This blog is about sharing the power of connecting and networking. Hosting your own radio show is a great networking tool, but it is not the only tool you should have in your tool belt. That is what we aim to do here – find the best tools, find the best networkers and find the best events. We want to capture and share some of the lessons we’ve learned about business to business networking in Atlanta and especially how to do it more effectively. If you’d like to expand your network and your networking skills, please join our community.