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Let’s cut through all the academic babble and misdirection about this ROI (Return On Investment) question, so you can make an informed decision about Hosting or Sponsoring a Business RadioX TM show.

Hosting or Sponsoring a Business RadioX TM show will get you quality face time with your most coveted prospects, most valuable referral sources, and most important clients.

Additional Benefits include . . .

  • Consistently generating relevant, compelling content
  • Credibility as a thought leader in your arena
  • Becoming the Center of your marketplace
  • Direct influence over the volume and quality of your following



Truth #1

What We Do Works. It Always Works. It Never Doesn’t Work.


Truth #2

It’s Your Responsibility To Sell Your Products And Services.

You’ll find it much easier and faster when you choose to Host or Sponsor a Business RadioX TM show, and we’ll show you exactly how we would capitalize on this platform if we were you . . . but we’re not you and we’re not in your business.

If we were in your business, we wouldn’t involve you in the mix at all . . . we’d go straight to your customers with the same products and services, and keep the money for ourselves.


Truth #3

“Listenership” Has Zero Impact On ROI

* Unless you’re going to charge people a fee to listen — and you’re not.

Of course, 100% intentional, engaged listeners (the only kind we have at Business RadioX TM ) are obviously much better for your branding and awareness efforts than conventional radio, ads or billboards.

How much better? We would venture somewhere between 100X and 1000X, but who really knows? . . . which is why we would never insult your intelligence by suggesting you include “listenership” in your ROI calculation.

Well that — and, we’re not in the “branding / awareness” business . . .

We’re in the “Meet Joe, provide him immediate and unparalelled value, build a strong relationship with him, and have him write you a check” business.


Do The Math And Make A Decision . . .


DV = Dollar Value of New Clients, Loyal Referral Sources, and Retained Clients

I = Financial Investment to Host or Sponsor a Business RadioX TM show

The ROI Formula: (DV – I) = ROI

* Yes, the math really is that simple.  If you want to get fancy and impress your boss or 6th grade math teacher, you can express it as a percentage:

(DV-I) / I = ROI %

In our opinion this should more than do it (compel you to get busy dominating your market) — but if you still need a little more self-assurance or one more powerpoint slide to appease the marketing committee, you might take a stab at attaching a dollar value to those “Additional Benefits” listed above as well.

See Ya In The Studio . . .