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How to Sponsor Business RadioX ® Studios, Channels and Shows

Leading businesses and professional organizations sponsor Business RadioX ® to support their community while they grow their business 


Larger Enterprises (Banks, Car Dealers, Professional Service Firms, Tech Companies)
Studios, Channels, Multiple Shows

1.  To advance our mutual Pro-business mission by giving Small and Medium sized businesses a voice


2.  To actively support and visibly demonstrate their commitment to their community, market and profession


3.  To build meaningful relationships with key influencers by providing them with a media platform to tell their story


4.  To strengthen their brand and solidify their market position with the people and organizations who matter to them most


Recent Example of a Studio Sponsorship

Subaru of Gwinnett studio

Subaru of Gwinnett has become the official naming rights partner of the Business RadioX studio in Gwinnett. All radio shows that originate from the Gwinnett studio will now be airing from the “Subaru of Gwinnett Studio.”

As part of this unique branding and digital media partnership, Subaru of Gwinnett also receives in-studio signage, live on-air mentions, website and social media recognition, on-site interviews and remote broadcasts, a monthly radio show on Business RadioX, and other branding opportunities.
Executive General Manger Steve K. Kendrick commented, “Subaru of Gwinnett’s media partnership with Business RadioX will hopefully show to not only the individuals but also the Business Community that Subaru of Gwinnett is a major automotive retailer by helping to deliver a professional product to Business RadioX, their clients and its community.”

“We are extremely excited about our comprehensive branding partnership with Subaru of Gwinnett,” said studio owner/operator Mike Sammond. “The Business RadioX studio in Gwinnett and Subaru will be joined at the hip. This partnership allows us to reach even more business leaders and fulfill our pro-business mission to give a voice to the Gwinnett business community.”

To learn more about the Business RadioX studio in Gwinnett, visit Gwinnett Business Radio.

To learn more about Subaru of Gwinnett, visit




Smaller Businesses, Startups, Speaker / Authors, Attorneys, Advisors
Individual Shows


1.  To establish themselves as the media outlet for a particular niche in the business community.


2.  To help their Prospects, Clients, Referral Partners, and Association Leaders GET THE WORD OUT about the great work these folks are doing to serve their market, their community, and their profession.
3.  To help themselves at the same time by:
  • Serving Hard To Reach People
  • Getting Quality Face Time With Existing And Potential Clients
  • Accelerating The Sales Cycle
  • Building Credibility
  • Generating & Distributing Thought Leadership
  • Producing Better Results In Less Time
4.  It’s Fun !

BusinessRadioX Announces the Launch of Founders Club Radio

BusinessRadioX Is Pleased to Announce the Latest Addition to Its Radio Family, Founders Club Radio, Sponsored by Atlantic Capital Bank and Hosted by John Coffin

ATLANTA, GA–(Marketwired – October 06, 2014) – On Wednesday, October 8, 2014, BusinessRadioX welcomes to the studio the latest addition to its radio family, Founders Club Radio, sponsored by Atlantic Capital Bank and hosted by John Coffin.

Founders Club Radio will spotlight the leaders of great private companies. Listeners can tune in each week for business insights and perspective from CEOs and business founders on topics including growth, innovation, business development and strategic expansion. Founders Club Radio is hosted by John Coffin, the Co-Founder and head of Corporate & Private Banking at Atlantic Capital Bank.

Atlantic Capital Bank is focused on helping mid-size and emerging growth companies, as well as private clients, to succeed in today’s market. By strategically combining the best aspects of both large global banks and smaller community banks, they offer clients the expertise, capabilities and lending power of a larger financial institution, as well as the hands-on service often only found at smaller banks.

As Executive Vice President of Atlantic Capital Bank, Coffin oversees the bank’s corporate and private banking divisions. Coffin’s background includes commercial, capital markets and corporate banking experience. Before becoming an officer of the Company, he spent ten years at Wachovia Bank, most recently in the position of Senior Vice President and Atlanta Commercial Banking Team Leader. Prior to this role, he was the Head of the Business Services Corporate Banking Group following Wachovia’s merger with First Union.

“We are pleased to spotlight the Atlanta banking market with this new show, and Founders Club Radio makes an excellent addition to our weekly line-up,” said Lee Kantor, co-owner of BusinessRadioX.

Join us for this inaugural episode at 10:00am Eastern on Wednesday, October 8th, on Founders Club Radio.


How much does it cost?

  • Studio fees for underwriting an individual Business RadioX ® Show range from $500 to $5,000 /month, depending on scope of services provided.
  • Underwriting Multiple Shows, Dedicated Channels, and Studios is a Strategic Partnership with like-minded Enterprise level clients — mutually crafted and custom tailored  to take full advantage of the Business RadioX ® platform. The client’s financial investment is dictated by their specific objectives and their commitment to supporting the Small and Medium sized businesses they serve.


Now What ?

If you’re interested in learning more, shoot us a note.  We’ll set aside some time to get together and talk it through.

Contact Stone Payton —


“This partnership is so important to the work the chamber does in the county and the metro area. Our goal is getting the DeKalb community access to people and information, and Business RadioX has made this goal a bit easier, through this new chamber partnership. Jason and Martin are amazing professionals and fun to work with”

– Katerina Taylor, DeKalb Chamber


“So what’s The Catch? The Catch is NOT taking advantage of the opportunity to appear and tell your story and/or serving your vertical (and your business) by sponsoring a media channel dedicated to it while meeting the decision-makers YOUR B2B company needs to meet. The Catch is spending valuable revenue dollars on “Hope” when our media outlet does exactly what you need it to: WE SIT YOU DOWN with THE people you need to meet and put your message in the hands of people you need to hear it.”

CW Hall, Midtown Business RadioX Studio Operator