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Business RadioX Host Dr. Tim Morrison Interviews Author Jim Elledge

On Tuesday September 20th, 2011, Atlanta Business RadioX Host Dr. Tim Morrison sat down with author and Kennesaw State Program Director Jim Elledge to talk about the upcoming PUBLISHERS, AGENTS & MEDIA INSTITUTE, which will be hosted at KSU this October.

As the two talked, Elledge detailed the many ways that Kennesaw State University supports writers. For example, the program he directs, The Master of Arts in Professional Writing (MAPW) degree is a professional graduate degree program that prepares candidates for a wide variety of writing-related positions in business, education, publishing, and the arts. He further noted that many non-traditional students complete this program and use writing as a way to expand creativity in their current career or to transition to a new career.

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Business RadioX Host Dr. Tim Morrison Interviews Notorious Hacker Turned Cyber-Security Expert

On August 2nd, 2011, Atlanta Business RadioX Host Dr. Tim Morrison was joined in the studio by Ligatt Security International’s CEO and Founder, Gregory Evans.

Evans is a widely renowned cyber-security expert and author of eight books on high-tech security issues, but his now glowing reputation had an inauspicious start. In 1996 he was on the FBI’s top ten list of “wanted” computer hackers. Evans claims to have started hacking when he was in 7th grade, changing classroom grades for his friends for money. He “expanded” from there. Today Evans heads Ligatt Security International, a leader in computer security and cyber-crime investigation and appears regularly in the media as a cyber-security expert. In 2009, Evans appeared on Fox network’s “Fox & Friends,” as well as CBS news, and the world-famous Frank Ski morning radio show on Atlanta’s v103. He was also named one of Black Enterprise magazine’s Top 20 “Masters of Innovation,” and has been featured in numerous newspapers and magazines, including the LA Times, USA Today, Wells Fargo Business Journal, and JET magazine. He is the founder of National Cyber Security.

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