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Business Babies and Beauty on Cobb Business RadioX Spotlights Dr. Tequilla Hill

ATLANTA, GA–(Marketwired – November 04, 2015) – On October 20, 2015, Business Babies and Beauty welcomed to the studio Dr. Tequilla Hill with Hill Psychotherapeutic Services. Host Shanda Cadet spoke with Dr. Hill about her unique practice and how she serves her patients.

Dr. Tequilla L. Hill, LMFT, is a licensed therapist in the state of Georgia and Florida and has been working with individuals, couples, and families from various backgrounds for over a decade. She is the owner of Hill Psychotherapeutic Services, where they offer a strength-based, holistic, and collaborative approach to therapy. Dr. Hill invites her clients into meaningful conversations that are rich with empathetic understanding, curiosity, compassion, and personal empowerment.

After several years in the corporate sector of mental health, Dr. Hill decided to branch out on her own and open her own therapy practice, following her family’s entrepreneurial spirit. “When you’re in corporate America, you can be mediocre and still get a nice salary,” said Hill. “But when you work for yourself and you are the talent, you are the visionary, you are the marketer, you are the financier — all of the roles of entrepreneurs — you have to do those well in order to survive. So literally, you eat what you kill.”

Dr. Hill is passionate about assisting clients to develop innovative solutions that may enhance, manage, and heal multiple aspects of their lives. Her main objective in both her personal and professional life is to enhance the quality of life of others.

To learn more about Dr. Hill and Hill Psychotherapeutic Services, listen to the entire interview on Business Babies and Beauty.

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