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Health Connect South Radio on Midtown Business RadioX Spotlights Intent Solutions and NFANT Labs

ATLANTA, GA–(Marketwired – October 26, 2015) – On October 16, 2015, Health Connect South Radio welcomed to the studio Lou Malice and Sam Zamarippa with Intent Solutions, and Tommy Cunningham with NFANT Labs. Host CW Hall led a roundtable discussion with these two Atlanta area health technology companies.

Intent Solutions is a start-up that is developing a device aimed at improving compliance with prescribed medication regimens, as well as helping to improve the likelihood the intended person has access to the medicine. In its early phase of development, Intent Solutions has positioned itself to be an effective tool for pharmaceutical research studies. In these studies, it is vital that participants adhere to the prescribed medication regimen in order to obtain the most effective and accurate test results.

The Intent Solutions device has a secure chamber that contains the pills for the particular prescription. Called “TAD” (standing for “take as directed”), the device utilizes fingerprint technology to identify the user before dispensing medication. CEO Lou Malice further explained, “Additionally, the TAD device is able to connect with the patient’s mobile device to share updates on efforts to access medication by unauthorized users, whether medication was dispensed, and it can send the patient reminders, prompting them to take their medication.”

Joining in the discussion was Tommy Cunningham, co-founder of NFANT Labs, a company that has developed a device that uses sensors that can give a care giver visual feedback on a monitor regarding a NICU baby’s sucking patterns while feeding, a task that for many premies is challenging. Until now, the only way a practitioner could assess the sucking strength and patterns was to literally use a finger in the infant’s mouth.

“The difficulty these young babies face is often related to a weak tongue, ineffective tongue movements, and uncoordinated swallowing timing,” explained Cunningham. “This predisposes them to consuming inadequate calories as well as creating the risk for aspiration pneumonia, both of which can lead to additional length of stay in hospital and even mortality.”

To learn more about these featured guests, listen to the entire interview on Health Connect South Radio.

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