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Due to continued rapid growth, Atlanta-based Business RadioX™ is seeking an experienced entrepreneurial-minded individual to help us establish multiple London area radio station operations.

The right person for this opportunity is highly entrepreneurial, business-development focused, and has an extensive Rolodex of London area business executive connections

The opportunity is a great blend of marketing, business development and operational, “P & L” responsibility — very attractive to candidates who are highly entrepreneurial, but enjoy the comfort of executing a proven business model.

Compensation for this position is 100% variable, depending upon the number of active radio shows. Business RadioX™ is prepared to share a generous percentage of top-line revenue while absorbing occupancy costs, equipment expense, staffing of the technical show producer, etc. Significant upside earnings potential is available—low six figures compensation is attainable from each fully utilized studio.

CMO & Managing Partner Stone Payton will be in London the week of September 11 and is currently scheduling exploratory meetings with interested parties.

To schedule an exploratory meeting with Mr. Payton, send a brief e-mail with “INTERNATIONAL PARTNER – LONDON OPERATIONS” in the Subject Line to:

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