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Founders Club Radio on Business RadioX Features NFL Legend Morten Andersen

ATLANTA, GA–(Marketwired – October 01, 2015) – Founders Club Radio host John Coffin took part in the Vistage Executive Summit on September 2, 2015. Coffin brought the Founders Club Radio studio to the event and spoke with numerous participants and speakers about their roles in Vistage. Event Speaker Morten Andersen shared his wisdom on A Certain Kind of Stubborn, and joined Coffin afterwards for a one-on-one discussion about his life.

The 2015 Vistage Executive Summit focused on “Leading with 2020 Vision” and brought together folks across the business spectrum. The Summit featured a panel of speakers to challenge participants to think differently and help them gain clarity on the place their businesses hold in a rapidly changing economy.

Author, business owner and consultant Morten Andersen is the all-time leader in games played in the NFL and holds the distinction of being the all-time leading scorer in NFL history, spanning 25 years with the League. He talked of his early days with Coffin. “It started from pretty humble beginnings, an immigrant perspective,” said Andersen. “With passion, energy, effort and purpose, I was able to sustain a pretty long career with very good help from some great people. When you make the process and the journey great, the result becomes great.”

Andersen’s address to the Vistage Executive Summit, “A Certain Kind of Stubborn,” led participants through the six characteristics of the right kind of stubborn, and why raw, intense behavior is what it takes to succeed. In his discussion with Coffin, he went on to correlate the stubbornness he learned in the NFL to the stubbornness needed to succeed in business.

“I’m talking about the kind of stubbornness that gets you through situations where your back’s against the wall — my Special Teams Coach calls it ‘The World of Suck’ — and it is,” explained Andersen. “The road in front of you demands it.”

To learn more about Andersen’s distinguished career in the NFL and his recent business endeavors, listen to the entire interview on Founders Club Radio.

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