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CEO Exclusive Radio on Business RadioX Spotlights Syrup Marketing

ATLANTA, GA–(Marketwired – March 04, 2016) – CEO Exclusive Radio welcomed to the studio Syrup Marketing’s Tai Anderson. Host Soyini Coke sat down with Anderson to discuss how companies can use digital marketing and communication to turn customers into raving fans.

After a 20 year career developing a following for a multi-Grammy award-winning brand, Anderson currently serves as the Growth Director for Syrup Marketing. Syrup’s Atlanta-based team brings passion and purpose to creating end-to-end brand engagements for their clients. Their work has reached more than 23 million people.

In the interview, Anderson said the first step in creating loyal fans is developing the ability to work human interaction into the digital experience. He recommends companies create familiarity with their customers. Using first names is key, Anderson says, as is rhythm. “Cadence is huge, as in the right cadence, and the right frequency, and the right time.”

Anderson also urges companies to treat virtual communication with clients and potential clients as if it were a face-to-face encounter. He recommends checking in regularly, demonstrating a helpful nature and displaying manners. “Stop talking about yourself so much,” Anderson says. “Talk about how you make your customer’s life better…stop trying to be the hero, let the customer be a hero, and you just be their guide…have enough love to let them be honored, and be able to be in their shadow as you’re helping your customer achieve their goals.”

Because of his music background, Anderson frequently cites pop star Taylor Swift as a shining example of one who has worked tirelessly to develop brand loyalty. “If you really looked at it like, do I love my customers? It would change the way we market. It would probably even change some of the products we offer.”

To learn more about Syrup Marketing, listen to the entire interview on CEO Exclusive.

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