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CEO Exclusive Radio on Business RadioX Spotlights TIGER 21

ATLANTA, GA–(Marketwired – February 03, 2016) – On January 12, 2016, CEO Exclusive Radio welcomed to the studio Dr. Klaas Baks and Steve Freedman with TIGER 21. Host Soyini Coke sat down with these guests to discuss how to ensure children are ready to effectively manage wealth when the time comes, learning responsible philanthropy, as well as expanding investment potential.

Dr. Baks is the Atlanta Chair of TIGER 21, North America’s premier peer-to-peer learning network for high-net-worth investors. TIGER 21’s approximately 380 members collectively manage more than $27 billion and are entrepreneurs, inventors and top executives focused on improving investment acumen, as well as exploring common issues of wealth preservation, estate planning and family dynamics. In addition to working with TIGER 21, Baks is a professor at Goizueta Business School at Emory, and Freedman is a serial entrepreneur who has founded and had successful exits from a number of companies.

One of the things that stood out in the interview was the attention TIGER 21 gives to family dynamics. In general, children are not taught how to be financially successful. There aren’t classes in most schools on how to be wealthy. When you’ve gone through all the time and trouble to become a multi-millionaire, how can you be sure your kids are ready for the responsibility to inherit and nurture your legacy?

According to Dr. Baks, “One of the key things in order to help the next generation be financially successful is to have them understand wealth and what comes with it, the responsibilities that come with it…it’s one of the things that successful families do.”

Also discussed were the ways the newly wealthy can learn from one another about investments. Most people have one basic way they know how to invest. Having close-knit, honest relationships with other people in similar financial situations can expand knowledge and comfort with different styles of investment, allowing true diversification.

Philanthropy is also a learned skill for those who have successfully built companies from the ground up, and who are stepping back from their CEO roles. TIGER 21 members support each other as they learn to target the causes they are passionate about, and find responsible organizations who are capable of utilizing funds to make a difference in those areas.

To learn more about TIGER 21, listen to the entire interview on CEO Exclusive.

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