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This is not “your Grandpa’s radio” — the dead and dying model of shouting commercial messages to masses of people commuting to work and driving their kids to soccer practice.


This is highly targeted Pro-Business, Commercial-FreeEarned Media.  No politics, sports, religion, or music (unless it relates to business in some meaningful way) . . . And of course, none of that phony “pay to play” stuff here.


We feature “Long-Form” interviews and in-depth conversations with local Business Leaders — reaching 100% intentional and engaged listeners.  For that reason, we typically far out-pace AM / FM Business Talk in terms of actually moving the needle for Guests and Underwriters in the markets we serve.


We define “Moving The Needle” as actual increases in:
  • Number & Quality Of Relationships
  • Volume & Pace Of New Revenue
  • Depth & Breadth Of Practical Thought Leadership


Don’t let us keep you from going after masses of eyes and ears on a more traditional platform — Cool by us . . . and if your interview date with Old School Media conflicts with the date you set to join us, we’ll cheerfully re-schedule.  We’re “both / and” kind of folks around here. (vs. “either / or”).


And when you’re ready to go after highly targeted hearts and minds, we’ll look forward to having you in the studio.


Business RadioX ® is usually the #1 or #2 Google organic search result for “Business Radio” in the markets we serve (goes back and forth between us and Bloomberg depending on Guests each week).


Our Demographics Track Pretty Well With Old Fashioned Business Talk Radio:

  • College Educated
  • Affluent
  • Executives
  • People Who Build New Relationships To Grow Their Business
  • People Who Write Checks To People Like You To Solve Important Problems And Capitalize On New Opportunities


With A Few Major Differences:

  • Our Footprint is Global
  • 100% Of Our Listenership Is Intentional and Engaged
  • Your Interview Is Real And Conversational — Not Canned Sound Bites Squeezed In Between Traffic Reports And Commercials
  • Our Content Never Goes Away — It’s Not Perishable
  • The Audience For Your Specific Interview Is Always Growing


Bottom Line: Far more people who really care about what you have to say are going to hear your interview on our network than ever would on Old Fashioned Business Talk Radio or Recorded Conference Calls dressed up as radio — and they’re more likely to take action in response to what they hear.

See Ya In The Studio . . .