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Top Performers in any arena . . . from the basketball court to the boardroom . . . exercise just a handful of key disciplines that give them that slight extra edge.


Leveraging Media to produce Better Results In Less Time requires that we observe this same inviolate law of nature — that we develop and execute on the Fundamentals . . .

M aster The Message

” I kept six honest serving men, they taught me all I knew . . . Their names were What, Why, When, Where, How and Who.” — Rudyard Kipling

To help people relate and remember what you said:

Stories / Analogies / Insight / Data


E ducate & Elevate

Educate Your Audience, Elevate Your Peers . . . Including The Competition

Stone Says:  “Serve Your Competition . . . And You Won’t Have Any.”

D uplicate & Distribute

Re-purpose Across Platforms And Markets


I nvite The World, Serve The Neighborhood

Lee Says:  “Niches Bring Riches.”


A ct & Adjust (Pivot)

Don’t Wait To Be Chosen — Choose Yourself.

How did the early “Nobles” become that way?  They took it at the tip of a sword.

Take action now to Get The Word Out about the great work you and your colleagues are doing to serve your market and your profession.

Make incremental adjustments in your approaches as you learn and grow . . . but stay grounded and crystal clear in What you do and Why.