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Show Concept Pitch Hours: 7:30am to Noon Fridays


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Most Business RadioX ® Sponsors are selected By Invitation — after appearing as Expert Guests on our network.

However, we are sincerely interested in learning more about you and your work — and potentially collaborating with you — whether you’ve been a Guest on our network or not . . . If you truly resonate with our Mission and Values.

So . . . If you’re unabashedly Pro-Business, absolutely committed to helping the businesses and professional organizations you serve Get The Word Out about the great work they’re doing for their market, their community, and their profession . . . and you have a compelling Show Concept to pitch . . . we’re delighted to get together with you to talk it through.


How To Get Your Show Concept Approved — Or At Least Seriously Considered:

DO focus on serving your Guests and your Audience — not yourself.
This is the key to our success, and it will be the key to yours.

DON’T rely on outside sponsor revenue to cover your studio fees.
Outside sponsor revenue is cool — and all yours, but your primary ROI must come from serving your Guests and their following.

DO pitch a “Business To Business” Show Concept.
No MLM, Politics, Sports, Religion, or Pet Psychics.

DON’T plan to charge Guests to cover your studio fees — not an option.
We are strictly an Earned Media platform.

DO be prepared to invest 1.5 Hours / week in studio.
If your Show Concept is approved, you’ll be Hosting 2 or more Guest in studio each week.

DON’T pitch a “Call-In” Only Show Concept.
We build relationships and Get The Word Out primarily In Studio.

DO be prepared to Audition, Pilot, and Pivot
Have an open mind, be willing to learn & adapt.


See ya in the studio . . .