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Email Confirming Guest through Publicist

Once a guest has agreed to be on the show, you will need to confirm their participation. As with the solicitation, if you are going through a publicist, you will want to use the appropriate template for the publicist.

[Publicist’s name],

We are so excited to have [guest’s name] on an upcoming show! This is confirming he/she is scheduled for [Date], [time] Eastern. The number for him/her to call is 678-638-6253. A confirmation email will be sent the week before his/her scheduled segment.

If you have not done so already, be sure to send a sample or demo product and any press information prior to [guest’s name] appearance so we can fully discuss it.

Afterward, I will email you the MP3 for your use. We reserve the right to use the interview for any promotional or financial purpose. You have the same right.

Should there be any changes in [guest’s name] schedule, please contact us immediately so that we can get her rescheduled.

Thank You,