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Other Show Sample Correspondence

As mentioned previously, you may want to change the sample correspondence to fit your personality, style, show, etc. Below are samples of correspondence used by other RadioXTM Show Hosts. Because we work as a family and want everyone to be the most successful possible, please feel free to adapt these templates to your specific needs if you prefer these layout.


What to Expect & Confirmation from Georgia Business Coaches Radio

Dear [Guest],


I have you scheduled for [date] at [time]. I am excited to have you as a guest on my show. I know it will be awesome. Following are some things you need to do and/or know.

To Do:

  • Please arrive about 15-20 minutes early. If you will be calling, please call 678-638-6253 about 5 minutes before the show begins. This will give me or Lee (my co-host) time to explain everything to you and get you set up.
  • Send me about 6-10 questions. This will help us to have talking points and direct some of the conversation. Should you want me to send you some sample questions, I will be glad to.
  • If you are promoting a product, book, or DVD, please send a sample or demo product prior to you appearance so we can fully discuss it.  The mailing address is [mailing address].
  • Send me some bio information on you.
  • Send me your cell in case any unforeseen circumstances crop up.

To Know:

  • I will send you a link of the show within one week following your interview that you can send to your clients, prospects, etc. It will be in podcast format.
  • Your segment will be approximately 20-25 minutes.
  • The interview will be directed by the questions you give me; however, conversations sometimes take another direction. They are more of a guide to help keep things flowing.
  • At the end of your interview you will announce the best way for people to contact you (website, email, phone, etc)
  • The studio is located in the Dunwoody, Sandy Springs area. It is located in the Premier Business Center:


1 Glenlake Parkway
Suite 700
Atlanta, GA 30328
Mapquest Link:


Listen Live: [listen live link].


Thanks again!!


Sample Email with Release from Millionaire Moms Radio

Thank you so much for being a guest on the Millionaire Moms show. We are excited to have you and look forward to hearing your story! Congratulations on your success to date.


Please call from a land line (no cell phones please) and disable your call waiting. On our phone it is *70. However, I suggest you contact your phone company to verify.


The call in number is 678-638-6253.


If you experience any problems please call [Host] on her cell phone at [cell number].


Please be sure to send your bio and a photograph prior to the interview.


To match up times please check out (Remember the interview is on EASTERN standard time). Interviews can last up to one hour. Usually 30 – 45 minutes is the average.


Afterward, I will email you the MP3 for your use. We reserve the right to use the interview for any promotional or financial purpose. You have the same right.


The objective is to educate and arm our moms with as much useful business information and family balance tips as we can. Share your setbacks and victories along the way. We go with the flow of the conversation and will promote your business. We just ask that the focus remain on really helping our moms via concrete information that will help them do better.


I will definitely ask you for your best overall business tips, your #1 time management tip, your #1 childcare/family tips. I will also what makes you “glow” (meaning your peak experiences in life)? Please think these through prior to the interview. Overall, the interview will be an opportunity for you to shine and will be conversational in nature.


I have attached some sample questions. You are welcome to send us any questions you would like for [Host] to ask.

  • What is your #1 tip best blueprint or tip for moving a business forward or managing time/childcare? (For example, the lady who mailed 30 CPA’s out of the yellow pages her business plan and received funding from one of their moneyed clients.
    Or, how one mom told me to approach your local University to help prove your concept out and build your business plan. That’s how I met you! )
  • What was going on behind the scenes while you were building your business?
    (For example, Tamara Monosoff was on Good Morning America and was freaking out inside because they were about to be put out of business due to problems they didn’t create. She had to go on camera and smile as if the world was her oyster!)
  • What is your #1 time management tip?
  • How long did it take you to turn a profit?
  • Did you create a business plan?
  • How do you juggle the demands of motherhood with your business goals?
  • Do you set goals for yourself?
  • What obstacles have you encountered and overcome in building your business?
  • What was the worst mistake you made that other Mompreneurs might be able to avoid?
  • Do you recommend people test their entrepreneurial wings part time while employed or go head in all the way?
  • How did you come up with your idea? Was it something you needed?
  • Do you think you need certain personality traits to be an entrepreneur?
  • Did you get funding right up front or self fund? If you self funded when did you look for outside money?
  • What scared you the most in building your company? How do you overcome fear?
  • How did you keep the faith when things got rocky?
  • Were you systematic in your approach to business or were you “seat of the pants”?
  • Do you feel you chose a business that was in your natural strengths area?
  • Were you passionate about what you were doing or was the choice made as a vehicle to get where you were going (e.g. make more money or leave the corporate world)?