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Family Business Radio Hosts Interview Franchise Experts

Last month, Atlanta Business RadioX Hosts Meredith Moore and Dwayne Samples sat down with father-daughter team Phil and Leslie Kuban to talk about their experiences helping individuals and families find success through franchising.

“Leslie & Phil provided us with insight into FranNet, and the world of franchising. As a bonus, they provided us with insights into the dynamics of a successful business partnership between two strong, vibrant personalities who just happen to be daughter and father,” said Moore. Many family businesses struggle because of the family dynamics, but Leslie and Phil say they are thankful that their business has not experienced those kinds of problems. They say having defined roles helps, so they don’t have to check with each other on every decision. And while they may not always agree, they trust each other’s intentions.

In addition to sharing the details of how FranNet works for franchisors and franchisees, and how they work together, Phil and Leslie also talked about how they got into the business.

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