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Profiting Through e-Commerce on CEO Exclusive Radio

ATLANTA, GA–(Marketwired – April 18, 2016) – CEO Exclusive Radio host Soyini Coke explored the question of whether mid-market CEOs can win at e-Commerce. She was joined in the discussion by Brooks Robinson and Joe Reger, who developed their own e-Commerce marketing platform in 2012. That platform has grown into Springbot, which helps online business grow their revenue by leveraging advanced revenue attribution and marketing automation technologies.

Robinson and Reger believe that today’s e-Commerce industry is vastly different from what it was five years ago. Distinctive trends have emerged, they say, particularly regarding platform use, data analysis, and customer interaction. They also note changes in the size of retailers that are having success in the market, and the different marketing strategies being employed by retailers of all sizes.

“Amazon has a great logistics,” Robinson says. “They have great shipping, obviously, with Prime, but when you actually look at the product content that comes from these smaller e-Commerce sites, they are so passionate about their products, that it really comes through with the buying experience, and the content on their sites is just amazing.”

Robinson and Reger stress the need for businesses to work with the customer in the way the customer wants to shop and buy. Through Springbot, they offer solutions in platform management and marketing for small to mid-level businesses.

Due to the vast increase in the use of tablets and smart phones, the percentage of customers that actually purchase something through smart phones or tablets has also increased. However, when compared to the numbers racked up by desktop purchases, the conversion rate from mobile devices is still lower. According to Robinson, while 30 percent of traffic is coming from mobile devices, only 15 percent of purchases are coming from those devices. The key, he says, is finding ways to capture that mobile audience.

The data around e-Commerce is increasingly difficult for mid-sized businesses to navigate. To effectively compete with the larger retailers, Robinson and Reger agree that partnering with experts can be key.

To learn more about Springbot and its vision for e-Commerce now and in the future, listen to the entire interview on CEO Exclusive Radio.

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