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Midtown Business Radio Features Brooke Beach With Kevy

ATLANTA, GA–(Marketwired – December 10, 2015) – On November 24, 2015, Midtown Business Radio welcomed to the studio Brooke Beach with Kevy. Host CW Hall spoke with Beach about improving the e-commerce/direct marketing space.

Brooke Beach is the co-founder and CEO of Kevy, the only true email marketing automation platform built uniquely for e-commerce businesses. By combining order history and real-time behavior data, Kevy gives clients the ability to take action on insights and create personalized interactions with every shopper.

“To date, most email automation solutions such as Pardot, SalesForce, and others, focused on the B2B sector, helping businesses increase contact and ultimately, sales, with companies they’re trying to reach,” explained Beach. “And, while there have been marketing automation solutions available for B2C/Retail enterprises to similarly leverage email to contact customers to enhance sales, these solutions have traditionally offered limited data that would let that enterprise truly evaluate ROI on a per email basis in dollars and cents.”

The Kevy platform integrates with the clients’ existing e-commerce platform via java script that is embedded into the website code. Once there, it enables Kevy and the customer to track user behavior by where they go on the site, how long they stay, the products and types of products they’re viewing, and whether they buy. With this information, the retailer is able to display very behaviorally-relevant pop-up information that personalizes the experience and significantly increases conversion rates.

Additionally, the Kevy platform enables very user-specific automated email communications that are relevant to that user’s particular behavioral context. Combining these technologies results in a dramatic rise in sales from existing customers in the retailer’s database and the ability to get very targeted with discounts and marketing message.

To learn more about Beach and Kevy, listen to the entire interview on Midtown Business Radio.

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