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Who does the interviewing for Trade Show Radio?


The interviewing is usually done by one of our staff, the Business RadioX® Professional Certified Interviewers. Sometimes, our client wants to be the one to do the interview. We train them on how to do this, how to make it the most productive use of their time, and to help them get the most out of it. The interviewing can be done by the client, if they’re interested, but usually most of the time, it is done by one of our certified professional business interviewers.


I think some of the most interesting and productive interviews are when the relationship manager, business development professional, or whomever within our client base at least participates in the interview with their client or the person they’re wanting to deepen that relationship with. They will think of questions that are related to specific experiences that they’ve had together. That makes for a really rich interview as well, when they participate.


I don’t know. For a great many of them, there’s also equal value, I think, in having Certified Business RadioX® personnel ask questions because we have fresh eyes. It provides that platform for the interviewee to really explain in very simple, concrete terms the work they’re doing and help them get the word out about it.