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Trade Show Radio Broadcasts LIVE from Training 2015

On February 9-11, 2015, Trade Show Radio co-hosts Lee Kantor and Stone Payton broadcast live from the TrainingPros booth at the Georgia World Congress Center for Training 2015.

Training 2015 Conference & Expo is produced by Training magazine, and Lakewood Media Group, LLC. For 38 years, the Training conference has given attendees the very best in skill-building content, covering all aspects of online and instructor-led training.

Training magazine is written for training, learning and performance professionals and has been the preeminent voice in the training industry for 50 years.

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Trade Show Radio Broadcasts LIVE from Kids Business Expo

On February 7, 2015, Trade Show Radio co-hosts Max Kantor and Ryan McPherson broadcast live at the Cobb Galleria Center for Kids Business Expo 2015.

The Kids Business Expo featured a combination of a trade show expo and educational sessions where companies providing business services and technology can reach young professionals. Attendees and their parents learned about business solutions through keynote speakers, an open forum for discussions and information about hands-on business opportunities in addition to the businesses showcased on the Expo floor.

Designed much like a professional trade show, the Kids Business Expo offered many opportunities for young people to learn as well as share their ideas with others. The “Young Entrepreneur Center” enabled youth to present their ideas to the public and potential buyers. The Expo also featured a “Product Presentation Area” where participants put their products and ideas on display to present business concepts.

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Trade Show Radio Spotlights Booth 61 with Ricky Steele at the Atlanta CEO Council Holiday Celebration

Trade Show Radio spotlights Booth 61 with Ricky Steele who was broadcasting live at the Atlanta CEO Council’s Holiday Celebration, held at the Junior Achievement’s Chick-fil-A Foundation Discovery Center on Monday, December 9, 2013.

This special evening provided a first look at this fantastic educational facility where the Atlanta CEO Council joined 50 of Atlanta’s top corporate partners in Junior Achievement’s Chick-fil-A Foundation Discovery Center.

The Discovery Center will provide more than 30,000 students with a dynamic learning experience designed to enhance their financial literacy and build skills for personal and professional success.

The Atlanta CEO Council and several partner organizations have created a “Start-Up Storefront” branded as stArTLe, designed to expose students to the entrepreneurial experience and provide them with information about the startup ecosystem that supports growing businesses.

The stArTLe teams will build a different business each day, with the ultimate goal of managing to profitability by the end of the day through both B2C and B2B transactions.

All proceeds go directly to Junior Achievement and are 100% tax deductible. There are several options available including purchasing a logo that is added to the start-ups wall in the stArTLe space.

During this event, Host Ricky Steele spoke with some of the attendees.

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Who does the interviewing for Trade Show Radio?


The interviewing is usually done by one of our staff, the Business RadioX® Professional Certified Interviewers. Sometimes, our client wants to be the one to do the interview. We train them on how to do this, how to make it the most productive use of their time, and to help them get the most out of it. The interviewing can be done by the client, if they’re interested, but usually most of the time, it is done by one of our certified professional business interviewers.


I think some of the most interesting and productive interviews are when the relationship manager, business development professional, or whomever within our client base at least participates in the interview with their client or the person they’re wanting to deepen that relationship with. They will think of questions that are related to specific experiences that they’ve had together. That makes for a really rich interview as well, when they participate.


I don’t know. For a great many of them, there’s also equal value, I think, in having Certified Business RadioX® personnel ask questions because we have fresh eyes. It provides that platform for the interviewee to really explain in very simple, concrete terms the work they’re doing and help them get the word out about it.


Who do you interview on Trade Show Radio?


We interview people that our client feels are the most difficult to reach and the most important for their business. Typically, their prospective clients, their existing clients, or thought leaders in the industry. They are usually the keynote speakers at the event, the panelists, the high-value targets.


Sometimes, depending on the event, the client may also invite just participants; people that are there for the conference, for ad-hoc interviews. It most certainly works best when you have a steady schedule of people whose interviews you know you want to capture over the course of the conference.


That’s right. A lot of times, these interviews are scheduled weeks in advance. The client’s salespeople schedule the interview with prospective interviewees several weeks, even a month ahead of time. As soon as they know they’re going to attend the conference, they could reach out to them and schedule their interview.


I think that goes to one of the many reasons that clients work with us and why they invest in this service. Beyond all the other advantages of doing Tradeshow Radio onsite, what a marvelous reason for business development folks to reach out and have a meaningful conversation with prospects, referrals, sources, people that are important to them. It’s simple to make that phone call and invite them to be interviewed at the expo.




How much does Trade Show Radio cost?


The cost varies, according to the amount of time that we’re there and how many days that we’re there. What’s the range though?


The investment is a daily fee, and it ranges from as little as $5,000 a day to as much as $15,000 a day. The variables are the talent that we deploy and the status of the client. For clients who are part of the Business RadioX® Network family, obviously, we would provide them with a little bit more attractive fee schedule. Then when we deploy what we characterize as ‘premium talent’, we charge the higher-end. At the very low-end for the right type of candidate who is familiar with our work and knows how to do this, if they’re going to self-host Tradeshow Radio and we’re simply providing the infrastructure to help pull that off, then it can be as low as $5,000 a day.


We have special consideration to non-profit organizations and certain other business associations who are involved in conferences.


Absolutely. In fact here locally or in any market where we have a Business RadioX® affiliate, for select local non-profit organizations, we’ve actually set up a booth for as little as $2,500 a day.

What are the requirements for Trade Show Radio?


5 chairs and an electrical outlet, is the short answer. We’ve had a variety of setups. All a booth really requires is a 6 or 8 foot table, 4 chairs, and access to electricity. It’s also nice to have a stable internet connection, which more and more venues are providing for us at little or no cost. We’ve run the gamut with previous trade shows. We have had some petty elaborate setups that will remind you of Monday Night Football. You can go as high-end or as basic as you wish. It’s pretty flexible for basically any tradeshow, expo, symposium, or conference setup


Just so you can visualize what it looks like – it can be done in press conference-style where we have 4 or 5 people in a row looking out onto the tradeshow floor. We have a speaker that broadcasts the interviews in and around the booth space – this draws in additional people. Visually seeing people with headphones and microphones also really captures the passerby’s attention.


One of the really fun things about having the speaker is when you interview someone at 10:00, and then that guest walks back by again at 10:20 and shows their colleagues what they were doing a little while ago. They can hear their interview coming through the PA speaker, because maybe we’re between interviews, getting ready to interview the next person. It’s fun to watch them smile.


We always have an interview playing throughout the entire conference.



What IS Trade Show Radio?


Trade Show Radio is a marketing tool that our clients use to invite a bunch of high-value prospects into their booth continuously throughout their trade show.


They really do get high-value prospects consistently throughout the day. When we do Trade Show Radio, unlike what we see in other booths, there are multiple folks in our booth, all day, every day. Attendees who are meaningful prospects, clients, referral sources, or key leaders inside related associations that are very important to the client. Our clients are having meaningful conversations throughout the entire trade show because of the radio work that we’re doing.


Our clients say that theirs is the only booth they’ve seen where every minute of the show is productive use of their staff’s time.


Absolutely. That’s what we do. Sometimes we do it for a day, sometimes we do it for 2 or 3 days in a row. We call it Trade Show Radio, but we also do this at conferences, expos and symposiums.



Trade Show Radio

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