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StoneSoup 01– Highlights From Week Of 8/15/16

StoneSoup 01


Highlights From Last Week . . . Shared This Weekend

(Kinda like that John Oliver thing ?)

1. Atlanta Business Radio

  • Monday 8/15: Invigorating start for the week – Return guest, Georgia District Director of the U.S. Small Business Administration Terri Denison was great as usual. Plus we had Executive Director for Georgia Forward, Kris Vaughn. Her enthusiasm is so contagious ! And she brought along Young Gamechangers participant Josh Stephens (Day Job – Georgia Department Of Economic Development).

Check out the show here.


Trade Show 360 VR Shoot


Catch All Atlanta Business Radio Episodes For The Week of 8/15 /16 Here.


2. High Velocity Radio

  • Flew “solo” on this one — Lee and Abbe were moving son Max into the Georgia State Honors Dorm — but with a little extra help from Senior Producer Ryan “Redhawk” McPherson and compelling conversations with 3 marvelous guests, I think we pulled of a strong show.’s Chris Mitchell and Daniel Drennen with Deshazo talk about their work together, and Speaker / Author Michael Maher lays some wisdom on us from his book: (7L) The Seven Levels Of Communication.

Check out the show here.


3. Business Writers Mixer (9/1 Concourse Athletic Club Grille): Looks like we’re going to have a nice crowd for this event. If your schedule allows, please join us.

RSVP Here:
4.  Showing Some MileageRyan posted a somewhat disturbing picture on twitter this week — Yikes ! When I started this work I was 6ft. 2 with perfect vision and coal black hair.

5. The Beach House: We (me and my Pensacola Business Radio partner / Foodie Life guy, Keith Hoffert) got the description / registration page up for this year’s Beach House Experience. It’s Invitation Only, but maybe you or someone you know should be invited ?

The Big Win for us this week . . . We already have four Full Scholarships available that will cover all fees for the first four Young Entrepreneurs accepted into the program. (One of the most rewarding aspects of the Beach House Experience is exposing Young Entrepreneurs to highly successful people doing work that matters. Young Entrepreneurs participate in their own unique Beach House Experience, and have ample opportunity to interact with our other participants.)


See ya in the Fast Lane . . .



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Keith Hoffert: Pensacola Business Radio

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Recruiting Now For 2016 Q2 Market Launches



Content Is Not King



Let’s Face It . . . Content can be a real burden to create, an unwelcome interruption to receive — and so many Content Marketing strategies are the business equivalent of a single guy walking into the same bar every Friday night, throwing his hands up and announcing to the crowd at the top of his lungs . . .

“I’m rich, I’m smart, I’m good looking . . . and I’m available.” — then rushing home to wait by the phone for Miss Right to call.

Content Is Not King — not in my arena, and probably not in yours . . .

Results Is King.

Better Results In Less Time is the ideal King, and the coin of the realm is Relationship. This precious currency is backed by the Trust you’ve earned from genuinely serving your market, your community, and your profession.

Now you’re not going to hear many Media Execs talk about Better Results In Less Time, because it’s inextricably tied to a topic only a precious few of us are willing to address head on . . . Return On Investment.

What you’re more likely to see and hear — especially from those who want you to write them a check or those defending the last check you wrote — are words like impressions, cost per thousand, circulation, traffic, clicks, viewers, listeners, followers, subscribers, downloads, ratings . . . just about anything other than Actual Increase In Volume & Pace Of New Revenue.

The next time you find yourself in a conversation or reviewing documentation including words like these — please recognize . . .What you’re experiencing here is the pretty assistant spinning the box while the crafty magician sneaks out the trap door.

If you’re a B2B Exec . . .

Buying air time or column inches from Big Media to reach a pre-existing audience simply will not equip you to genuinely serve your market — at least not very efficiently. You don’t have a relationship with these anonymous “eyes & ears”– and most importantly, you don’t have their trust — their hearts & minds.

Of course, if you hang in there long enough and spend enough money, you might eventually see some modest results — just as our single friend boldly advertising at his local bar might eventually meet Miss “Right Now” if not Miss Right.

Betting on this formula — Relying on Big Media “faux metrics” to deliver meaningful results — seems to me like an unnecessary “long shot” for all, and cost-prohibitive for most.

Back To My World, and maybe yours — Helping B2B Execs Serve Their Market And Grow Their Business . . .

Results in our arena are built on Relationships and Trust. One Trusted Relationship is worth a thousand, or ten thousand, or even a hundred thousand impressions, clicks, website visits, whatever. With Trusted Relationship as the foundation, Content is gratefully received, implicitly trusted, and liberally shared.

Now content becomes a marvelous tool for removing the friction and shrinking the timeline for your sales & marketing strategy.  You’re serving and selling with genuine insight — enjoying true peer to peer relationships, solving real problems, capitalizing on real opportunities.  And you’re doing it all better, faster, cheaper  . . .

Producing Better Results In Less Time.

Our thing — The Business RadioX ® platform — does this really well, especially for B2B Execs who want to “Own Their Backyard”. You can get a little insight into How and Why it works so well at And you can access thousands of hours of practical content on virtually any business topic you can imagine at

But our clients aren’t the only ones building their businesses on Trusted Relationships, and crafting their strategies to serve that discipline.

There are other organizations out there executing authentic Content Marketing strategies — serving intentional, engaged audiences, seeing organic results, and enjoying actual Return On Investment. You probably know a few, because this is the content you look forward to receiving — and in some cases, the firms you trust with your own time and money.

I particularly like the way these folks explain it . . .

As you continue to seek out these resources, I hope you’ll seriously consider the idea that Content Is Not King — that you’ll try to resist the allure of Big Media “faux metrics,” that you’ll choose to build your business on Trusted Relationships, and never again let someone tell you that you cannot expect to see or accurately measure actual Return On Investment from your marketing dollars. You can, and you should.

And if there’s anything I can do to help you think it through — whether it involves a conversation about our services or not . . . I’m at your disposal:


Good Luck and Godspeed . . .

Buckhead Studio: New Offering For Underwriters

Buckhead Studio: New Offering

Buckhead pic 9b

Buckhead Business Radio X ® Studio has a new offering for Underwriters who might be better served with a practical alternative to the standard Weekly Show format.


(Sandy Springs too — but candidly, we’re getting a little full over here.)


  • Self-scheduling Software

Makes it real easy to book Dedicated Episodes on whatever rhythm makes sense for you and your objectives.

  • Flex Packages 
Designed to fit virtually any budget.


Gwinnett, Midtown, and Cobb studios will likely follow suit — we’ll keep you posted.


Marketing Your Business RadioX Show

From the Gwinnett Studio

Content Mktg

Our “Wealth Matters” radio show, presented by the Atlanta fiduciary litigation law firm of Gaslowitz Frankel LLC, has quickly become one of the most listened-to shows on Business RadioX.

How does the show get so many LIVE listeners? The firm’s Director of Marketing Anna Stevens, an expert at social media, shares her process of turning the show into a content marketing factory.

How to turn a radio show into a content factory:

  • Take a lot of pictures during the show
  • Record each show on video and publish the video on YouTube
  • Transcribe each show from the audio and then use the transcription and video for a blog post
  • Recycle parts of transcription for social media posts with pictures
  • Post video on Twitter / Facebook / Google Plus / Firm LinkedIn Page
  • Utilize the video for company-wide news (we send it to our entire list)
  • Send video / audio / blogpost / pictures to guests for them to use in their marketing
  • Post pictures and video on Pinterest board for the show and share pictures on Instagram
  • Re-purpose video as a video-guide to publish on for each attorney
  • Embed video into team members’ profiles on LinkedIn as a media file

How to promote each show for maximum live exposure:

  • Establish a show hashtag for Twitter, Facebook / Google Plus / Pinterest
  • Create a board for your radio show and treat it as a hub for all-things-show
  • Have the topic, list of guests, and 6 questions you will ask ready 10 days before the show
  • Contact each guest with confirmation email a week before and ask for cross-promotion
  • Produce various promo graphics using, include guests’ pictures, Twitter handles and show topic
  • Research your guests on Facebook and Twitter, mention them by handle / page name each time you post
  • Write a series of tweets (155 characters total) with show link, guests’ names, handles and show hashtag
  • Send graphics and tweets, as well as LinkedIn and Facebook PRE-written status updates, to all guests in advance
  • Ask guests to post on the web, mention you and other guests, use link to the show and graphic you created
  • Connect with each guest on LinkedIn and mention them when you post about the show
  • Prepare a blog post with info about each guest and their picture – in advance, use that on the day of the show
  • Re-purpose that blog info for Instagram picture description and Pinterest description, remember to use the hashtag
  • Have all those tweets and status updates ready on the day of the show, tweet live using them, post live on LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ with graphics you prepared
  • Guests’ marketing people will be tweeting, too, as well as re-tweeting your tweets

To summarize Anna’s secret formula to getting over 100 people to tune-in live: “Prepare content, ensure cross-promotion from guests, research hashtags and handles for mention and exposure in advance, post live, and use pictures and graphics”

Listen to “Wealth Matters” radio show LIVE every 4th Wednesday of the month at 8:30 AM here or tune in on Twitter at #WealthMatters.

studio photo

Midtown Business RadioX

We are pleased to announce the Midtown studio has been taken over by new affiliates, Dave Schwegman and CW Hall along with two of their partners. The studio currently hosts two underwritten shows, “Let’s Talk Small Business” and “TopDocsRADIO”, along with the house show, “Midtown Business Radio”. We are currently in discussions with new potential show underwriters so look for additional content to begin broadcasting soon. Dave and CW are very excited to be a part of the network and are firm believers in the power of this medium, having seen its ability to grow key relationships immediately upon starting their TopDocs show.




Gwinnett Business RadioX

As part of our partnership with the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce, Business RadioX broadcast LIVE from the 2014 Gwinnett Chamber Business Expo & Job Fair on August 21. Mike Sammond and Trey Odum with the Business RadioX Gwinnett studio interviewed dozens and dozens of business leaders throughout the day including the president of the Chamber, Dr. Daniel Kaufman, and many other business executives. The Chamber’s annual Business Expo was held at the Gwinnett Center in Duluth and included hundreds of businesses showcasing their services and products. To enjoy some of the interviews, click here.



Metro Raleigh Business RadioX

The Raleigh area studio has had some amazing guests. The Wireless Research Center kicked off a series with Verizon Wireless called The DNA of the IoT (Internet of Things). Topics have been deep but fun as we discuss mobile devices, mobile networks, and, next month, mobile applications. NCTA hosted NeoNova and PointSource, and EntreDot’s new show Pivot Points showcased an associate from A Photographic Memory.



Gwinnett Business RadioX

The Gwinnett Chamber announced today that its newly developed business-focused radio show titled ‘Open For Business,’ will debut on Friday, July 25 at 10:00 AM, broadcast from the Business RadioX studios in Duluth.

Listeners can tune in to the live broadcast by visiting and selecting the “Gwinnett” studio in the top right hand corner. All shows will be available as podcasts on demand for listeners to enjoy at their leisure at and available for download on iTunes.

“We are excited to launch this new radio show designed to help promote the work we are doing at the Chamber and share the great stories and accomplishments of our many members,” said Vince DeSilva, Gwinnett Chamber’s Senior Vice President, Membership Services. “We are appreciative of the opportunity to partner with the team at Business RadioX in an effort to help spread the word about the business success in Gwinnett and metro Atlanta.”

Hosted by Mike Sammond of Business RadioX, the Chamber’s first show will honor and interview recent Chamber Business of the Month recipients. Future shows will feature additional businesses and community leaders in Gwinnett, and will discuss important and relevant topics that affect the business climate in and around Gwinnett County.

For more information about the Gwinnett Chamber or any of its programs and services, visit